About Us

A company is, in many ways, an extension of the people who created it. When someone creates a company, his hopes, his experiences, and his overall vision become the foundation upon which it will grow. And this is why understanding our website founder can help one understand the company as well.

The birth of the company can, in many ways, be seen in our founders’ childhood. He was always fascinated by technology and the ways it can work within people’s lives. In particular, he loved the idea of machines helping people to have a happier, healthier, and more enjoyable life. This love of technology kept his eyes open for all the new possibilities it’s offered. As new techniques, or machines, or software arrived in the world he’d always wonder about how it might be able to use it; and in particular how it might be used in new and innovative ways to help the world.

This vision was shared by the love of his life. And in many ways it’s what served to strengthen and cement the bond they shared. He knew that he could do anything if his love was by his side. And above all he knew that they could create something amazing together. And create something amazing they did, in the form of baby Nate. Nate’s birth clarified a lot of things for our founder. Seeing the beautiful face of his baby looking out into the world, our founder knew that it was time to make a positive change and set a positive example. He had the knowledge, the aspirations, and the motivations to create a company that he could be proud of; and one which his entire family could be proud of as well.

He began by taking careful inventory of his hobbies. The interest in technology, in particular, would serve him well. It gave him the knowledge he needed in order to set up this Website and the infrastructure behind it. Along with that, his hobby gave him an understanding of how people relate to a site.

But it was his heart that really made the site different from the rest. He wanted a site that really helped people. A site that could offer people what they needed and that could actually move people and make their day a little better. Most of all he wanted a site which his family could look at and admire.

And in many ways that’s the face of both the site and of our founder. It all boils down to the idea that if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Our founder waited for the right time and place for the site. And once that point was reached, he waited for the right content. That attention to detail and aspiration to always be the best is the guiding principle of both the site and his life. And it’s also what one can expect to see more of in the future. As happy as he is with the foundation, he’s always building upon it and offering improvements and refinements.